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Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

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Learn about the signs, symptoms and homeopathic remedies for Stammering.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally

  • No side effects; no drug interactions

  • Can be safely used along with other medications

  • Remedies are selected by experienced professionals

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

STRAMONIUM 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

LACHESIS MUTUS 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

CAUSTICUM 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Stammering - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo COMBO # 34 - Stammering

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Product Description


Stammering (or stuttering) is a disturbance of the rhythm and fluency of speech.

It may take the form of repetitions of syllable or words, or block in the production of speech.

Stammering is four times more frequent in boys than in girls.

Alternative Therapy

1. Self help - Stammering can be treated by the regular practice of slow, relaxed breathing. For instance, a minute spent controlling your breath before making a speech may be helpful.
Many people may find that breathing practice combined with co-ordinated movement is also useful.

2. Hypnotherapy - when appropriate, a patient can be taken back in time - repressed - to try to discover, and sometimes relieve, the onset of the problem. In all cases, eco - strengthening techniques are used while the patient is I a hypnotic, relaxed state.
Autohypnosis can, with the aid of prerecorded tapes, be applicable for speech and voice problems.
Visualising difficult social situations under hypnosis, while at the same time receiving positive suggestions, may also help to desensitise some stammers.

3. Acupressure - voice problems may be relieved by pressing down on the bottom, outside corner of the thumb nail.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Chief Remedies:

Stramonium: Stramonium is a chief remedy for stammering. The person exerts himself a long time before uttering a word. Makes great effort to speak. The pateint also has delusions about his identity. Loquacious, laughing, singing and rhyming. Speech not clear, incoherent speech.

Lachesis Mutus: Lachesis Mutus is useful remedy for stammering when the person cannot pronounce certain letters like S, X, V, T or P. Difficulty in pronouncing words but there is great loquacity. The person is restless and uneasy.

Causticum: Chief remedy for stammering. Often pronounces words wrong and transposes letters and syllables. Paretic state of tongue and lips.

Spigelia: Repeats the first syllable of the first word several times and later speaks plainly.

Other Remedies:

Rxhomeo COMBO#34: A homeopathic combination pack with two single remedies Stramonium and Lachesis Mutus for the treatment of symptoms associated with stammering.

Additional Information
Product NameSKUEAN-13
STRAMONIUM 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)20417528907460417527
LACHESIS MUTUS 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)20261528907460261526
CAUSTICUM 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)20118528907460118523
SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)20409528907460409522
Rxhomeo COMBO # 34 - Stammering22484008907460778000
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